1. belonging to the body, i.e. felt by the body (experienced by the senses), or resulting from the body, i.e. done by the body (= acted as opposed to spoken or thought). sukhaṃ physical happiness (opp. cetasika˚) SN.v.209; AN.i.81; dukkhaṃ DN.ii.306; MN.i.302 (opp. cetasikaṃ); kāyikaṃ (sc. dhammaṃ sikkhati to teach the conduct of body (opp. vācasikaṃ Vin.ii.248. In comb. with vācasika also at SN.i.190 Pp.21; Vism.18 (of anācara); Pv-a.119 (of saṃyama control) Shhp.55; Bdhd 26, 134; referring to diff. kinds of amusements Cnd.219 = Snp-a.86.
  2. (of devas) belonging to the company of: ˚ DN.i.220; gandhabba Pv-a.119. Kayura & Kayura;

fr. kāya