adjective blind, usually of one eye, occasionally of both (see Pp-a 227) SN.i.94; Vin.ii.90; AN.i.107 = AN.ii.85 = Pp.51 (in expln of tamaparāyaṇa purisa); Thig.438; Ja.i.222 (one-eyed); Ja.vi.74 (of both eyes); Dhp-a.iii.71.

  • -kaccha Np. Sdhp.44;
  • -kacchapa “the blind turtle” in the well-known parable of a man’s chances of human rebirth after a state of punishment Thig.500 (= Thag-a.290); Mil.204; Dhs-a.60; cp. MN.iii.169 = SN.v.455.

cp. Sk. kāṇa