1. a pit, a cavity akkhi˚; the socket of the eye MN.i.80, MN.i.245; Dhs-a.306 gūtha˚; a cesspool DN.ii.324; Snp.279; Pv.ii.3#16; Pp.36 miḷha˚; a pit for evacuations Pgdp.23, Pgdp.24; loma˚; the root of the hair, a pore of the skin DN-a.i.57; Vism.262 Vism.360; also in na loma-kūpamattaṃ pi not even a hairroot Ja.i.31; Ja.iii.55; vacca˚; = gūtha˚ Vin.ii.141, Vin.ii.222. As a tank or a well: Ja.vi.213; Vv-a.305.
  2. the mast of a boat Ja.iii.126; Mil.363, Mil.378. See next.
  • -khaṇa one who digs a pit Ja.vi.213.
  • -tala the floor of a pit Vism.362.

Vedic kūpa, orig. curvature viz. (a) interior = cavity, cp. Lat. cupa, Gr. κύπελλον cup; also Gr.κύμβη, Sk. kumbha (b) exterior = heap, cp. Ags hēap, Ohg. heap, Sk. kūpa mast