club, cudgel Vin.iii.77 (enumerated with var. weapons of murder, like asi, satti, bheṇḍi pāsāṇa etc.); Mil.152, Mil.351 (kodaṇḍa-laguḷa-muggara), Mil.355 (kilesa˚);; Vism.525 (˚abhighāta).

cp. Sk. laguḍa, Marāthī lākūḍa, Hindī lakuṭa stick. The word is really a dialect word (Prk.) and as such taken into Sk. where it ought to be *lakṛta = lakuṭa Other etym. connections are Lat. lacertus (arm), Gr. λέκρανα, λάς; Old Prussian alkunis elbow; and distantly related E. leg. See Walde, Lat. Wtb. s. v. lacertus Cp. P. bhuja1 & ratana