Laṅghi (Laṅghī)


  1. a kind of deer (?)
  2. doubtful of meaning & origin in phrase; laṅghī-pitāmahā at Ja.ii.363 = Ja.iii.226: “whose grandfather was a deer, or a jumper” (?); used in disparagingly addressing a crane. The C. to Ja.ii.363 explains rather strangely as follows: laṅghī vuccati ākāse langhanato megho “(a) jumping deer is called the cloud because of its jumping in the air,” balākā ca nāma megha-saddena gabbhaṃ gaṇhantī ti “the cranes conceive by the sound of the cloud,” meghasaddo balākānaṃ pitā megho pitāmaho ti “the sound of the cloud is the father of the cranes & the cloud the grandfather”

fr. laṅgh