1. a staff, stick DN.i.105 (patoda goad), DN.i.126 (id.); Vv-a.64 (id.); Ja.iv.310 (laṭṭhī hata laṭṭhiyā hata G.); Ja.v.280; Mil.27.
  2. stick of sugar cane (ucchu˚) Pv-a.257.
  3. sprout of a plant, offshoot Ja.iii.161 (in simile); usually -˚, as in aṅga˚; sprout Thag-a.226; dālika˚; of the d. creeper Thig.297; beḷuva˚; of the Vilva tree Kp-a.118; sala˚; of the Sal tree AN.ii.200 Found also in names of places, as Laṭṭhivana (Ja.i.83 etc.).
  • -madhu(ka) “cane-honey,” i.e. liquorice Ja.iv.537; Dhp-a.iv.171 (˚ka).

Sk. yaṣṭi, with l for y; also in Prk. see Pischel, Prk. Gr. § 255 & cp. Geiger, P. Gr. § 462. The doublet yaṭṭhi also in Pāli