covetousness, greed. Defined at Vism.468 as “lubbhanti tena, sayaṃ vā lubbhati, lubbhana-mattam eva vā taṃ,” with several comparisons following. Often found in triad of lobha, dosa, moha (greed, anger bewilderment, forming the three principles of demerit see kusala-mūla), e.g. at AN.iv.96; Iti.83, Iti.84; Vism.116 Duka-pa.9, Kp.18 sq. See dosa & moha;
■ DN.iii.214, DN.iii.275; SN.i.16, SN.i.43, SN.i.63, SN.i.123 (bhava˚); SN.v.88; AN.i.64 (˚kkhaya), AN.i.160 (visama˚), cp. DN.iii.70 sq.; DN.ii.67; Snp.367, Snp.371, Snp.537 (˚kodha), Snp.663, Snp.706, Snp.864, Snp.941 (˚pāpa); Mnd.15, Mnd.16, Mnd.261; Ja.iv.11 (kodha, dosa, l.); Dhs.982, Dhs.1059; Vb.208, Vb.341 Vb.381, Vb.402; Ne.13, Ne.27; Vism.103; Vb-a.18; Pv-a.7, Pv-a.13 Pv-a.17, Pv-a.89 (+ dosa), Pv-a.102; Vv-a.14; Sdhp.52 (˚moha), Sdhp.266- alobha disinterestedness DN.iii.214; Dhs.32.

  • -dhammā (pl.) affection of greed, things belonging to greed; (adj.) (of) greedy character MN.i.91; MN.iii.37; DN.i.224, DN.i.230; SN.iv.111; AN.iii.350; Ja.iv.11.
  • -mūla the root of greed Vism.454 (eightfold; with dosa-mūla moha-mūla).

cp. Vedic & Epic Sk. lobha; fr. lubh: see lubbhati