to break, harm, injure; to attack plunder; with a strong touch of affection (sympathy or desire) lubh in it [cp. lup: Gr. λύπη; ruj: roga], which is still more evident in Intens. loluppa (q.v.)
■ Dhs-a.365 (in expln of loluppa)
pp lutta
■ Cp. ullumpana ullopa, lopa, vilumpati, vilopa. Lulati & Lutati;

lup, Epic Sk. lumpati, found also as rup in Pali: see ruppati. Connected with Lat. lugeo to be sorry (cp. rujati, roga; Gr. λύπη sorrow) and rumpo to break Defns at Dhtp.386 & Dhtp.433 (chedana) and at Dhtm.618 & Dhtm.669 (cheda, vināsa)