grace, ease, charm adroitness; always used with ref. to the Buddha (Buddhalīḷhā), e.g. Ja.i.155; Dhp-a.i.33; Dhp-a.iii.79. So in phrase Buddhalīḷhāya dhammaṃ deseti “to expound the doctrine with the Buddha’s mastery” Ja.i.152, Ja.i.155 Ja.iii.289; Vv-a.217 (spelling wrongly līḷāya). Of the B’s gait: Ja.i.93, Ja.i.149; Dhp-a.ii.41. The combination with vilāsa, as mentioned by Childers, applies to līlā (q.v.) which may stand for līḷhā at the passages mentioned although not used of the Buddha.

abstr. of līḷha, Sk. līḍha, pp. of lih, lit. being polished, cp. ullīḍha polished