adjective noun connected with honey.

  1. (n.) the tree Bassia latifolia (lit. honey tree) Vin.i.246; Ja.v.324, Ja.v.405;; Mil.165.
  2. the fruit of that tree Ja.iv.434.
  3. (adj.) (-˚) full of honey (madhu˚ containing honey).
  4. connected with an intoxicating drink, given to the drink of (-˚ Ja.iv.117 (surā-meraya˚).
  • -aṭṭhika the kernel (of the fruit) of Bassia latifolia Vism.353 = Kp-a.43 (which latter reads madhukaphal’ aṭṭhi; in the description of the finger nails)
  • -puppha the flower of Bassia latifolia from which honey is extracted for liquor Vin.i.246 (˚rasa liquorice juice) Ja.i.430.

fr. madhu