(spurious); mageti to track, hunt for, trace out follow, seek MN.i.334 (ppr. magayamana); SN.ii.270 (pp maggayamāna); Thig.384 (cp. Thag-a.255 = pattheti) Ja.v.102 (where T. reads maggheyya, which is explained by C. as vijjheyya to pierce, hurt, & which is doubtful in meaning, although Kern,


s. v. defends it. The variant reading reads magg˚. Same on p. 265 where one ought to read phasseyya in C. instead of passeyya. The form pp. magga (?) on p. 102 must belong to the same root) Dhs-a.162 (= gavesati)
caus 2 maggāpeti Pv-a.112
pass maggīyati Vb-a.114.

Denom. fr. magga, cp. Sk. margayati. The Dhtp. gives both mag & magg; in meaning “anvesana,” i.e. tracking, following up; see Dhtp Nos. 21, 540, 541