the earth (lit. Great One) Mhvs.5, Mhvs.266; Sdhp.424, Sdhp.472; loc mahiyā Mil.128; mahiyaṃ Dhs-a.62
Note. As mahī is only found in very late P. literature, it must have been re-introduced from Sk. sources, and is not a direct correspondent of Vedic mahī.

  • -tala the ground (of the earth) Mhvs.5, Mhvs.54.
  • -dhara mountain Mil.343; Mhvs.14, Mhvs.3; Mhvs.28, Mhvs.22 (variant reading mahin˚)
  • -pa king (of the earth) Mhvs.14, Mhvs.22.
  • -pati king Mhvs.5 Mhvs.48; Mhvs.33, Mhvs.32.
  • -pāla king Mhvs.4, Mhvs.38; Mhvs.5, Mhvs.265.
  • -ruha tree (“growing out of the earth”) Mhvs.14, Mhvs.18, Mhvs.18, Mhvs.19.

f. of mah, base of mahant, Vedic mahī