is represented in Pali by mujjati, as found esp. in cpds ummujjati & nimujjati.

majj to immerse, submerge, cp. Lat. mergo


to wipe, polish, clean Vv-a.165. Cp. sam˚
pp majjita & maṭṭha.

mṛj to clean, polish; connected with either Lat. mergo (cp. Gr. ἀμέργω) or Lat. mulgeo to wipe, stroke milk (cp. Gr. ἀμέλγω, Mir. mlich = milk etc.) Dhtp.71 gives root majj with meaning “saṃsuddhiyaṃ”


to be intoxicated; to be exultant, to be immensely enjoyed or elated SN.i.73, SN.i.203; AN.iv.294; Snp.366 (Pot. majje = majjeyya Snp-a.364), Snp.676 (id., T reads na ca majje, Snp-a.482 reads na pamajje); Ja.ii.97 Ja.iii.87 (majjeyya). aor. majji in cpd. pamajji Mhvs.17, Mhvs.15
pp matta.

mad, Sk. mādyati; Vedic madati; see mada for etym.