adjective middle, viz

  1. of space: of moderate height DN.i.243 (contrasted with ucca & nīca).

  2. of; time: of middle age Snp.216 (contrasted with dahara young & thera old).

  3. often used adv. in loc.; majjhe in the middle; i.e.

    1. as prep in between, among (-˚ or with gen.) Pv.i.11#1, Pv.i.11#4 Ja.i.207 (sakuṇānaṃ); Dhp-a.i.182 (vasana-gāmassa) Pv-a.11 (parisā˚). majjhe chetvā cutting in half Ja.v.387
    2. in special dogmatic sense “in the present state of existence,” contrasted with past future existences (the latter combd as “ubho antā” at Snp.1040). The expln of majjhe in this sense is at Mnd.434: “majjhaṃ vuccati paccuppannā rūpā” etc (similarly at Cnd.490)
      ■ Snp.949 (in sequence pubbe majjhe pacchā), Snp.1099 (id.); Dhp.348 (pure majjhe pacchato; i.e. paccuppannesu khandhesu Dhp-a.iv.63)
  4. (nt.) majjhaṃ the middle Dhp-a.i.184 (tassa uramajjhaṃ ghaṃsentī).

Vedic madhya, cp. Lat. medius, Gr. μέσσος, Goth. midjis = Ohg. mitti, E. middle