adjective noun

  1. (adj.) “standing in the middle,” umpire neutral, impartial, indifferent Ja.i.300; Ja.ii.359 (parama˚ + upekkhā-pārāmī);; Mil.403; Vism.230; Mhvs.21, Mhvs.14.
  2. indifference, balance of mind, equanimity almost synonymous with upekkhā: Vism.134, Vism.296 Vb-a.283 (˚payogatā); Dhp-a.ii.214 (˚upekkhā); Pv-a.38 (so read for majjhattha). See also following. Note. A similar term is found in BSk. as mṛdu-madhyā kṣānti “state of spiritual calm” Divy.271; see Yoga Sūtra ii.34.

for majjha-ṭṭha, which we find in Prk. as majjhattha: Pischel, Prk. Gr. § 214; majjha sthā