1. middle medium, mediocre, secondary, moderate
    ■ Applied almost exclusively in contrast pairs with terms of more or less, in triplets like “small-medium-big,” or “first-middle-last” (cp. majjha 3b); viz.

    1. of degree: hīna- m -paṇīta DN.iii.215 (tisso dhātuyo); Dhs.1205, Dhs.1027 (dhammā); Vism.11 (sīlaṃ); h. m. ukkaṭṭha Vism.308; omaka m. ukkaṭṭha Vin.iv.243; khuddaka m mahā Vism.100; lāmaka m. paṇīta (i.e. lokuttara Dhs-a.45 (dhammā); paritta -m- uḷāra Sdhp.260.
    2. of time: paṭhame yāme majjhima˚ pacchima˚; Ja.i.75; id. with vaye Pv-a.5.
  2. (nt.) majjhimaṃ the waist, in cpd. su-majjhimā (f.) a woman with beautiful waist Ja.v.4.

Vedic madhyama, with sound change ˚ama → ˚ima after Geiger,

Pali Grammar

§ 19#1, or after analogy with pacchima, with which often contrasted