wrestler Vin.ii.105 (˚muṭṭhika) Ja.iv.81 (two, named Cānura and Muṭṭhika “fister”); Vism.31 (muṭṭhika + i.e. boxing & wrestling as amusements: see mada 1) Perhaps as “porter” Bdhgh on CV v.29. 5 (see Vin.ii.319). At Mil.191 the mallā are mentioned as a group or company; their designation might here refer to the Mallas, a tribe, as other tribes are given at the same passage (e.g. Atoṇā, Pisācā). Cp. Bhallaka.

  • -gaṇa troop of professional wrestlers Mil.331
  • -muṭṭhika boxer Vin.ii.105.
  • -yuddha wrestling contest Mil.232; Dhp-a.ii.154; DN-a.i.85.
  • -yuddhaka a professional wrestler Ja.iv.81.

cp. Sk. malla, perhaps a local term, cp. Cānura