thought, understood, considered (as = -˚), only late in use Vb.2 (hīna˚ paṇīta˚, doubtful reading); Sdhp.55; Mhvs.25, Mhvs.55 (tassā matena according to her opinion); Mhvs.25, Mhvs.110 (pasu-samā matā, pl. considered like beasts). Cp. sam˚
Note. Does mata-sāyika at Thag.501 (= Mil.367) belong under this mata? Then mata would have to be taken as nt. meaning “thought thinking,” but the phrase is not without objection both semantically & syntactically. Mrs. Rh. D (Brethren, p. 240) trsls “nesting-place of thought.”

pp. of maññati


dead MN.i.88 (ekāha˚ dead one day); MN.iii.159 (matam eyya would go to die); Snp.200, Snp.440; Ja.v.480. Neg. amata see separate article
Note. mata at Pv-a.110 is to be corrected into cuta.

  • -kicca duty towards the dead, rites for the dead Pv-a.274.

pp. of marati, mṛ.