adjective (-˚) “by measure,” measured, as far as the measure goes, i.e

  1. consisting of, measuring (with numerals or similar expressions): appamatto kali Snp.659; pañcamattā sata 500; DN-a.i.35; saṭṭhimatte saṭṭhimatte katvā Snp-a.510 māsamattaṃ Pv-a.55; ekādasa˚ ib. 20; dvādasa˚ 42 satta˚ 47; tiṃsamattehi bhikkhūhi saddhiṃ 53
  2. (negative) as much as, i.e. only, a mere, even as little as, the mere fact (of), not even (one), not any: aṇumattena pi puññena Snp.431; kaṭacchumattaṃ (not even a spoonful Mil.8; ekapaṇṇa˚ Pv-a.115; citta ˚ṃ pi (not) even as much as one thought ib. 3; nāma˚ a mere name Mil.25; phandana ˚ṃ not even one throb; phandita˚ the mere fact of… MN.ii.24, bindu only one drop Pv-a.100; rodita˚ MN.ii.24
  3. (positive) as much as, so much, some, enough (of); vibhava riches enough Ja.v.40; kā pi assāsa-mattā laddhā found some relief? Pv-a.104 (may be = mattā f.)
  4. like, just as, what is called, one may say (often untranslateable): sita˚-kāraṇā just because he smiled Vv-a.68 bhesajja-mattā pītā I have taken medicine DN.i.205 (= mattā f.?) okāsa-˚ṃ (nt.) permission Snp.p.94 putta˚ like children AN.ii.124; maraṇa˚ (almost) dead MN.i.86; attano nattumatte vandanto Dha iv.178. f mattī (= mattin?) see mātu˚
  5. as adv. (usually in oblique cases): even at, as soon as, because of, often with other particles, like api, eva, pi, yeva: vuttamatte eva as soon as said Dhp-a.i.330; cintitamatte at the mere thought Dhp-a.i.326; naṃ jātamattaṃ yeva as soon as he was born Pv-a.195; anumodana-mattena because of being pleased Pv-a.121; upanītamattam eva as soon as it was bought Pv-a.192; nimujjana-matte yeva as soon as she ducked her head under Pv-a.47-na mattena… eva not only… but even Pv-a.18 (n. m. nipphalā, attano dānaphalassa bhāgino eva honti).

i.e. mattā used as adj.


intoxicated (with), full of joy about (-˚), proud of, conceited Snp.889 (mānena m.); Ja.iv.4 (vedanā˚, full of pain, perhaps better with variant reading ˚patta for ˚matta); Vv-a.158 (hatthi matto elephant in rut) Dhp-a.iv.24 (id.); Pv-a.47 (surā˚), Pv-a.86 (māna-mada˚), Pv-a.280 (bhoga-mada˚).

  • -kāsinī see matthak’ āsinī.

pp. of madati