couch, bed Vin.iv.39, Vin.iv.40 (where 4 kinds are mentioned which also apply to the defn of pīṭha, viz. masāraka bundikābaddha, kuḷīra-pādaka, āhacca-pādaka; same defn at Vb-a.365); Snp.401; Ja.iii.423; Dhp-a.i.89 (˚ṃ bandhati to tie a bed or two together), Dhp-a.i.130; Dhp-a.iv.16 Vb-a.20; Vv-a.291; Pv-a.93
■ heṭṭhā mañce underneath the bed Ja.i.197 (as place where domestic pigs lie), Ja.ii.419 (id.); Ja.ii.275 (where a love-sick youth lies down in the park).

  • -atimañca bed upon bed, i.e. beds placed on top of each other serving as grand stands at a fair or festival Ja.iii.456;; Dhp-a.iv.59.
  • -parāyaṇa ending in bed, kept in bed Pv.ii.2#5 (nīla˚, fig. for being buried) Dhp-a.i.183 (with variant reading maccu˚, just as likely, but see maccuparāyaṇa).
  • -pīṭha couch and chair Vin.ii.270 sq.; AN.iii.51; Vv-a.9, Vv-a.220, Vv-a.295.
  • -vāna stuffing of a couch Dhp-a.i.234.

cp. Epic Sk. mañca stand, scaffolding, platform