adjective pleasant, charming sweet, lovely (only with ref. to the voice) DN.ii.211, DN.ii.227 (one of the 8 characteristics of Brahmā’s & the Buddha’s voice: see bindu & aṭṭhanga); Ja.ii.150
■ (nt. a sweet note (of the deer in the forest); Vv-a.219 (karavīka ruta˚).

  • -bhāṇaka sweet-voiced, speaking sweetly Ja.ii.150; Dhp-a.i.144; f. bhāṇikā,
  • -bhāṇin id Ja.ii.150.

cp. Class Sk. mañju, also mangala, cp. Gr. μάγγανον means of deceiving, Lat. mango a dealer making up his wares for sale. See further cognates at Walde, Lat. Wtb. s. v. mango