1. to think, to be of opinion, to imagine, to deem Snp.199 (sīsaṃ… subhato naṃ maññati bālo), Snp.588 (yena yena hi maññanti, tato taṃ hoti aññathā) Ja.ii.258 (maññāmi ciraṃ carissati: I imagine he will have to wander a long time)
    ■ With (double) acc.: to take for, to consider as; na taṃ maññāmi mānusiṃ I deem you are not human Pv.ii.4#1; yassa dāni kālaṃ maññati for this now may he think it time (in a phrase of departure), let him do what he thinks fit, we wait the Buddha’s pleasure, i.e. let it be time to go [so also BSk. manyate kālaṃ, e.g. Divy.50, Divy.64 etc.] DN.i.189. Esp. in phrase taṃ kiṃ maññasi (maññatha 2 pl.) what do you think of this? (the foll.), what is your opinion about this? DN.i.60; SN.iii.104 & passim
    pot 1st sg maññeyyaṃ I should think Pv-a.40; 3rd sg. maññeyya SN.iii.103, and maññe Snp.206. The short form 1st sg maññe is used like an adv. as affirmative particle is inserted without influencing the grammatical or syntactical construction of the sentence; meaning methinks, for certain, surely, indeed, I guess, presumably. E.g. DN.i.137 (patapati m. paccatthike yasasā); SN.i.181 (m. ’haṃ); SN.iv.289 (paveliyamānena m kāyena); Ja.ii.275; Mil.21; Vism.90, Vism.92 (mato me m putto); Dhp-a.i.107; Dhp-a.ii.51; Pv-a.40 (m. goṇo samuṭṭhahe), Pv-a.65 (tasmā m. sumuttā)
    na maññe surely not Dhp-a.ii.84; Pv-a.75 (n. m. puññavā rājā).
  2. to know, to be convinced, to be sure Snp.840 (= jānāti Mnd.192), Snp.1049, Snp.1142; Cnd.491 (= jānāti); Dhp-a.i.29 (maññāmi tuvaṃ marissasi).
  3. to imagine, to be proud (of) to be conceited, to boast Snp.382 (ppr. maññamāna), Snp.806, Snp.813, Snp.855 (maññate); Ja.iii.530 (aor. maññi ’haṃ perhaps maññe ’haṃ? C. explains by maññāmi)
    pp mata
    Note. Another Present form is munāti (q.v.) of which the pp. is muta.

man, Vedic manyate & manute, Av. mainyeite; Idg. *men, cp. Gr. μένος mood, anger = Sk. manah mind; μέμονα to think of, wish to, Lat. memini to think of, mens → mind, meneo; Goth. munan to think muns opinion; Oisl. man, Ags. mon; Ohg. minna love Ags, myne intention. Dhtp.427: man = ñāṇe, 524 bodhane