adjective auspicious prosperous, lucky, festive Mnd.87, Mnd.88; Kp-a.118 sq. Snp-a.273, Snp-a.595; Sdhp.551
■ nt. maṅgalaṃ good omen auspices, festivity Snp.258; Vin.ii.129; Pv-a.17. A curious popular etymology is put forth by Bdhgh at Kp-a.123, viz. “maṃ galanti imehi sattā ti” mangalāni- maṅgalaṃ karoti lit. to make an auspicious ceremony i.e. to besprinkle with grains etc. for luck (see on this Pv-a.198), to get married Dhp-a.i.182; maṅgalaṃ vadati to bless one Ja.iv.299; Dhp-a.i.115. Three (auspicious wedding-ceremonies at Dhp-a.i.115 viz. abhiseka˚ consecration geha-ppavesana˚ entering the house, vivāha wedding
■ Certain other general signs of good luck or omina κα ̓τ ἐςοξήν are given at Ja.iv.72, Ja.iv.73 and Kp-a.118 sq. (see also mangalika)
■ Several ceremonious festivities are mentioned at Dhp-a.ii.87 with regard to the bringing up of a child, viz. nāma-karaṇa-mangala the ceremony of giving a name; āhāra-paribhoga˚ of taking solid food; kaṇṇa-vijjhana˚ of piercing the ears dussa-gahaṇa˚ of taking up the robe: cūḷā-karaṇa˚ of making the top-knot.
■ Cp. abhi˚.

  • -usabha an auspicious bull Snp-a.323.
  • -chaṇa a merry time, fair Ja.ii.48; Dhp-a.i.392.
  • -kicca auspicious function festivity Snp-a.175, Snp-a.323.
  • -kiriyā festivity, wedding Snp-a.69; finding good omens Ja.iv.72.
  • -kolāhala the lucky, or most auspicious, foreboding, one of the 5 kolāhalas (q.v.) Kp-a.121.
  • -pañha see mangalika
  • -divasa a lucky day Ja.iv.210; Dhp-a.iii.467.
  • -vappa ploughing festival Snp-a.137. Cp. vappa-mangala
  • -sindhava state horse Ja.i.59.
  • -silāpaṭṭa auspicious slab (of stone) Ja.i.59;; Pv-a.74.
  • -supina lucky dream
  • -hatthi state elephant Mhvs.35, Mhvs.21; Dhp-a.i.389.

cp. Vedic mangala. Explained by Dhtp.24 with root maṅg, i.e. lucky; see also mañju