adjective (-˚)

  1. one who is feasting in, one whose auspices are such & such; fond of; only in kotūhala˚; fond of excitement Ja.i.372; Mil.94 (apagata˚, without passion for excitement).
  2. superstitious looking out for lucky signs Vin.ii.129 (gihī), Vin.ii.140 (id.). At Ja.iv.72, Ja.iv.73; three sets of people are exemplified, who believe in omina as either diṭṭhaṃ (seen) or sutaṃ (heard) or mutaṃ (sensed); they are called diṭṭha-maṅgalikā, suta˚ & muta˚; respectively The same group is more explicitly dealt with in the Mangala-sutta Kp-a.118 sq. (cp. Mnd.89); diṭṭhamaṅgalika pañha “a question concerning visible omina” Ja.iv.73 (correct meaning given under diṭṭha1 Ja.ii.156#1!), Ja.iv.390 (?). The Np. diṭṭha-mangalikā at Ja.iv.376 sq.

fr. mangala