adjective staggering, confused troubled, discontented Vin.ii.118; SN.v.74; Dhp.249 Mnd.150; Dhp-a.iii.41, Dhp-a.iii.359 (with loc.)
■ f. pl. maṅkū Vin.i.93
dummaṅku “staggering in a disagreeable manner,” evil-minded AN.i.98; AN.iv.97 (read line as “dummanku’ yaṃ padusseti dhūm’ aggamhi va pāvako” he, staggering badly, is spoilt like the fire on the crest of smoke); AN.v.70; Vin.ii.196; Vin.iii.21; Vin.iv.213; SN.ii.218; Ne.50.

  • -bhāva discontent, moral weakness Ja.iv.49; Mil.227; Dhp-a.iii.359.
  • -bhūta discontented, troubled confused Vin.ii.19; DN.ii.85; AN.i.186; Dhp.263; Ja.v.211; Dhp-a.ii.76;
    self-possessed AN.iii.40; Mil.21 Mil.339.

cp. Vedic manku; see on meaning Hardy in preface to Anguttara v. p. vi