fat SN.i.124; Snp.196; Ja.iii.484 (ajakaraṃ medaṃ = ajakara-medaṃ C.); Kp iii. (explained at Vism.262 as “thīnasineha” thick or coagulated fluid or gelatine); Vism.361 Vb-a.66, Vb-a.225, Vb-a.245, Vb-a.249.

  • -kathālika a cooking pot or saucepan for frying fat AN.iv.377 (in simile with kāya); Dhp-a.ii.179 (similar) Vism.195 (in compar.).
  • -gaṇṭhi (as medo-gaṇṭhi, Sk influence!) an abscess of fat, fatty knot or tumour mentioned as a disease at Mil.149.
  • -vaṇṇa fat-coloured; in cpd. ˚pāsāna a stone of the (golden) colour of fat found in the Himālaya mountains Snp.447 (= medapiṇḍa-sadisa Snp-a.393); Mhvs.1, Mhvs.39; Mhvs.30, Mhvs.57 sq., Mhvs.96 , Mhvs.31, Mhvs.121; see Geiger’s note Mvu (P.T.S. ed.) p. 355, who puts it beyond doubt, that meda˚ is the correct reading for the variant reading megha˚ at all places.

Vedic medas (nt.) fr. mid, see etym. under mada