1. a ram DN.i.9; Ja.iv.250 Ja.iv.353 (˚visāṇa-dhanu, a bow consisting of a ram’s horn) -patha Npl. “ram’s road” Mnd.155 = Mnd.415. -yuddha ram fight DN.i.6.
  2. a groom, elephant-driver in cpd hatthi˚; elephants’ keeper Ja.iii.431; Ja.v.287;

dial., cp. Prk. měṇṭha & miṇṭha: Pischel, Prk. Gr. § 293. The Dhtm (156) gives a root meṇḍ (meḍ) in meaning of “koṭilla,” i.e. crookedness. The Ved (Sk.) word for ram is meṣa