item of wrong, wrongness. There are 8 items of wrong, viz. the 8 wrong qualities as enumerated under (an-) ariya-magga (see micchā) forming the contrary to the sammatta or righteousness of the Ariyan Path. These 8 at DN.ii.353; DN.iii.254; AN.ii.221; AN.iv.237; Vb.387; Vism.683. Besides these there is a set of 10, consisting of the above 8 plus micchā -ñāṇa and -vimutti wrong knowledge & wrong emancipation: DN.iii.290; Vb.391; Vism.683 (where ˚ñāṇa & -viratti for vimutti)
■ See further DN.iii.217 (˚niyata); Pp.22; Dhs.1028 (cp. Dhs. trsl. §1028) Vb.145; Tikp.32 (˚niyata-citta), Tikp.325 (˚tika), Tikp.354 (id.).

abstr. fr. micchā