torpor, stupidity, sluggishness DN.i.71 (thīna˚) Snp.437; AN.v.18; Dhs.1157; Mil.299, Mil.412 (appa˚ not slothful, i.e. diligent, alert); Vism.450 (˚rūpa; + rogarūpa, jātirūpa, etc., in def. of rūpa); DN-a.i.211 (explained as cetasika gelañña: see on this passage Dhs trsl. §1155) Sdhp.459
■ See thīna.

orig. pp. perhaps to Vedic mid (?) to be fat = medh, as Dhs-a.378 gives “medhatī ti middhaṃ
■ More likely however connected with Sk. methi (pillar = Lat. meta), cp. Prk. medhi. The meaning is more to the point too, viz. “stiff.” Thus semantically identical with thīna
■ BSk. also middha, e.g. Divy.555