to relax, languish, fade wither SN.i.126; Iti.76; Ja.i.329; Ja.v.90
caus milāpeti [Sk. mlāpayati] to make dry, to cause to wither Ja.i.340 (sassaṃ); fig. to assuage, suppress, stifle Ja.iii.414 (taṇhaṃ)
pp milāta.

Vedic mlā, to become soft; ldg. *melā & *mlei;, as in Gr. βλας, βλακεύω to languish; Lat. flaccus withered (= flaccid); Lith. blakà weak spot; also Gr. βληξρός weak
■ Dhtp.440: “milā = gatta-vimāne” (i.e. from the bent limbs); Dhtm.679 id.