measured, in measure DN.i.54 (doṇa˚ a doṇa measure full); Snp.300 (bhāgaso m. measured in harmonious proportions, i.e. stately); Pv.i.10#13 (id.) Ja.iii.541
amita unlimited, without measure, boundless in epithet amit-ābha of boundless lustre Sdhp.255 Also Name of a Buddha.

  • -āhāra measured, i.e. limited food Snp.707.
  • -bhāṇin speaking measuredly, i.e. in moderation Dhp.227; Ja.iv.252.

Vedic mita, pp. of , mināti, to measure; also in meaning “moderate, measured,” cp. in same sense Gr. μέτριος