1. (lit.) release, freedom from, in bandhanā m DN.i.73 = MN.i.276.
  2. (fig.) release, deliverance, salvation Vb.426 (jarā-maraṇa˚ from old age & death) Dhp-a.i.4 (˚magga + sagga-magga, the way to heaven & salvation), Dhp-a.i.89, Dhp-a.i.90 (˚dhamma = salvation) Mhvs.5, Mhvs.61
  3. (lit.) (act.) letting loose, emission, uttering (of speech) Ja.i.375.
  4. it may (& prob. ought to) be taken as adj. (= *mokṣya, grd. of Caus. of; muc) at Snp.773 (añña˚, either = 1, as “deliverance for others, or = 4, as “to be delivered by others.” Bdhgh at Snp-a.516 gives both explains: aññe mocetuṃ (na) sakkonti kāraṇa-vacanaṃ vā etaṃ: aññena mocetabbā (na) honti).

late Vedic & Epic Sk. mokṣa, fr.; muc, see muñcati. Dhtp.539 mokkha = mocana; Dhtm.751 moca


adjective the headmost, first, foremost, in series aggo seṭṭho m uttamo AN.ii.95, where the customary tradition reads pāmokkha (see under mahā & cp. Cnd.502A).

fr. mukha 6; Vṛddhi form = *maukhya