occurs as simplex only in Np. Mahā- mucala -mālaka Mhvs.15, Mhvs.36. It refers to the tree mucalinda, of which it may be a short form. On the other hand mucal-inda appears to the speaker of Pāli a cp. noun, viz. king of the mucala(s) (trees). Its (late?) Sk. correspondent is mucilinda, of which the P. form may be the regular representative (cp. Geiger P.Gr. § 34).

  1. the tree Barringtonia acutangula (Nicula*, of which it may be a dialectical distortion: * Abhp.563 nicula → *mucula → *mucala) Vin.i.3; Ja.v.405 (˚ketakā, dvandva); (id.).
  2. Name of a nāga (serpent) king Vin.i.3.
  3. N of a great lake,