1. (spelt muccati) to become stiff, congeal, coagulate, curdle Dhp.71; Dhp-a.ii.67.
  2. to become infatuated DN.iii.43 (majjati +)
  3. only in Caus. muccheti to make sound, to increase in tone Ja.ii.249 (vīṇaṃ); Ja.iii.188 (id.)

pp mucchita.

murch, an enlargement of Vedic mūr to get stiff (as in mūra stupid, dull, cp. Gr. μωρός; Sk. mūrakha foolish). Used in 2 senses, viz. (a) to become stiff (b) (Caus.) to harden, increase in tone, make louder From (c) a fig. meaning is derived in the sense of to become dulled or stupid, viz. infatuated, possessed.; See also Lüders in K.Z. xlii.194 a. How far we are justified to connect Dhtp.216 & 503; mu (“bandhane”) with this root is a different question. These 2 roots seem to be without connections
mūrch itself is at Dhtp.50 defined with “mohe”