moment, a very short period of time, an inkling, as we should say “a second.”-Its duration may be seen from descending series of time-connotations at Pv-a.198 (under jātakamma, prophesy by astrologers at the birth of a child): rāsi, nakkhatta, tithi, m.; and from defn at Cnd.516 by “khaṇaṃ, layaṃ, vassaṃ, atthaṃ.” Usually in oblique cases: muhuttena in a short time in a twinkling of an eye Pv-a.55; muhuttaṃ (acc.) a moment, even a second Snp.1138 (m. api); Dhp.65 (id.) Dhp.106; Pv-a.43.

Vedic muhūrta, fr. muhur suddenly