doubtful word occurring only in one stock phrase, viz. “ubhato-mukhā m. pūrā nānā-vihitassa dhaññassa” at MN.i.57 (vv.ll. putoḷi, mūṭolī) = MN.iii.90 (mūtoḷī) = DN.ii.293 (T. mutoli, variant reading muṭoli; gloss K pūtolī). The Dial. ii.330 trsl. “sample bag” (see note on this passage; with remark “spelling uncertain”) Neumann, Mittlere Sammlung i.101 trsls “Sack.” Kern,


s. v. mutoḷī tries to connect it with BSk moṭa (Hindi moṭh), bundle, which (with vv.ll. mūḍha muṭa, mūṭa) occurs only in one stock phrase “bharaiḥ motaiḥ piṭakaiḥ” at Divy.5, Divy.332, Divy.501, Divy.524. The more likely solution, however, is that mutoḷī is a distortion of puṭosā (puṭosa), which is found as variant reading to puṭaṃsa at all passages concerned (see puṭaṃsa). Thus the meaning is “bag, provision-bag.” The BSk. moṭa (muṭa) remains to be elucidated. The same meaning “provision-bag” fits at Vism.328 in cpd. yāna˚; where spelling is T. ˚paṭṭoli, variant reading BB ˚putoḷi, but which is clearly identical with our term. We should thus prefer to read yāna-puṭosi “carriage-bag for provisions.”