adjective lit. “mine,” one who shows affection (not only for himself), making one’s own, i.e devoted to, loving Snp.806 (= Buddha˚, Dhamma˚ Sangha˚ Mnd.125; = mamāyamāna Snp-a.534), Snp.927 (same expln at Mnd.382); Mil.184 (ahiṃsayaṃ paraṃ loke piyo hohisi māmako ti), - Buddha˚; devoted to the B. Ja.i.299; Dhp-a.i.206. f. -māmikā Ja.iii.182. In voc. f. māmike at Thig.207 (cp. Thag-a.172) “mother, we may perhaps have an allusion to “mother [cp. Sk. māma uncle, Lat. mamma mother, and mātā]-amāmaka see sep.; this may also be taken as “not loving.”

fr. mama