Māsati, Māsana, Māsin

■ dumapakkāni -māsita Ja.ii.446 (C. reads māsita & explains by asita, dhāta); visa-māsita Mil.302 (T. reads visamāsita) having taken in poison; visa- māsan- ûpatāpa (id.) Vism.166; tiṇa -māsin eating grass Ja.vi.354 (= tiṇakhādaka C.)
■ A similar case where Sandhi-m-has led to a wrong partition of syllables and has thus been lost through syncope may be P. eḷaka1, as compd with Sk. methi (cp. Prk. meḍhi), pillar, post.

fr. mṛṣ, for massati etc.; see masati| touch, touching, etc. in sense of eating or taking in. So is probably to be read for āsati etc. in the foll. passages, where m precedes this ā in all cases Otherwise we have to refer them to a root ās = as (to eat) and consider the m as partly euphonic.