excrement MN.i.454 = MN.iii.236 (˚sukhaṃ vile pleasure); AN.iii.241, AN.iii.242; Thag.1152; Ja.ii.11; Ja.vi.112; Vv.52#11 (with ref. to the gūthaniraya); Pv.iii.4#5 (= gūtha Pv-a.194); Dhp-a.ii.53 (˚ṃ khādituṃ).

  • -kūpa pit of excr., cesspool Pgdp.22.

pp. of mih, Vedic mehati to excrete water, i.e. urine, only with ref. to the liquid; Sk. mīḍha = Lat. mictus pp. of mingo, to urinate. Cp. Av. maēƶaiti to urinate meƶ urine; Gr. ὀμιξεϊν & ο ̓́μιξμα id.; Ags. mīgan to ur.; in Ohg. mist & Ags. miox the notion refers more to the solid excrement, as in Pāli
■ A related root; *meigh to shed water is found in megha, cloud (watershedder), q.v. for further cognates