1. gone astray, erring, having lost one’s way (magga˚) DN.i.85 ≈ (˚ssa maggaṃ ācikkhati); Pv.iv.1#48 (id. with pāvadati); Pv-a.112 (magga˚).
  2. confused infatuated, blinded, erring, foolish DN.i.59; Pv.iv.3#34 (sa˚, better to be written sam˚).
  • -gabbhā (f.) a woman whose “foetus in utero” has gone astray, i.e. cannot be delivered properly, a woman difficult to be delivered Ja.i.407 = Dhp-a.iv.192; Mil.169 Vb-a.96.
  • -rūpa foolish Dhp.268; Dhp-a.iii.395.

Vedic mūḍha, pp. of muh; cp. also muddha1 = Vedic mugdha