barber, who has also the business of preparing & giving baths (cp. absolutive “bader”) a bath-attendant ‣See kappaka. Barbers ranked as a low class socially, and rebirth in a barber’s family was considered unfortunate. Vin.i.249 (˚pubba who had formerly been a barber) DN.i.225 Ja.i.137 Ja.ii.5; Ja.iii.451; Ja.iv.138 (eight kahāpaṇas as a barber’s fee) DN-a.i.157 (= kappaka) Vv-a.207 (˚sālā a barber’s shop)

Sk. only snāpaka (see nahāpaka); new formation fr. Caus. nahāpeti as n. ag. with a- theme instead of ar-, cp. sallakatta for sallakattar