to go out or forth from, to rise, sound forth, come out Iti.75 (devasadda) Vv.38#2; Ja.i.53, Ja.i.176; Dhp-a.i.389; Vv-a.12, Vv-a.37 (saddā). Caus. nicchāreti to make come out from, to let go forth get rid of, emit, utter, give out DN.i.53 (anattamanavācam a˚ not utter a word of discontent); Ja.iii.127 Ja.v.416 (madhurassaraṃ); Pp.33; Mil.259 (garahaṃ) Dāvs i.28 (vācaṃ).

Sk. niścarati, nis + carati