an explained word or a word expln, vocabulary, gloss, usually in ster. formula marking the accomplishments of a learned Brahmin “sanighaṇḍu-keṭubhānaṃ… padako” (see detail under keṭubha) DN.i.88; AN.i.163, AN.i.166; AN.iii.223; Snp.p.105; Mil.10. Bdhgh’s expln is quoted by Trenckner Notes p. 65.

Sk. nighaṇṭu, dial. for nirgrantha from grathnāti (see gaṇṭhi & ghaṭṭana), orig. disentanglement unravelling, i.e. explanation; cp. niggaṇṭhi, which is a variant of the same word
■ BSk. nighaṇṭa (Divy.619 Avs.ii.19), Prk. nighaṇṭu