noun adjective exertion, strength, endurance. The orig. meaning of “going forth” is quite obliterated by the fig. meaning (cp nikkhamati & nekkhamma) AN.i.4; AN.iii.214; Vv.18#7 (= viriya Vv-a.96); Dhs.13, Dhs.22, Dhs.219, Dhs.571; Vism.132; Mil.244 (+ ārambha)
■ (adj.) strong in (-˚), enduring exerting oneself SN.i.194 (tibba˚); SN.v.66, SN.v.104 sq.; Snp.68 (daḷha˚, cp. Nd ii.under padhānavā), Snp.542 (sacca˚).

Sk. niṣkrama; nis + kama