adjective gone out, departed from (c. abl.), gone away; also med going out, giving up, figuratively leaving behind, resigning renouncing (fusing in meaning with kanta1 of kāmyati = desireless). SN.i.185 (agārasmā anagāriyaṁ) Snp.991 (Kapilavatthumhā n. lokanāyako) Ja.i.149 Ja.ii.153 iv.364 (˚bhikkhā, in sense of nikkhāmita˚, variant reading nikkhitta˚ perhaps preferable, explained p. 366 nibaddha˚ designed for, given to) Snp-a.605 (figuratively; as variant reading for nikkāma) Dhp-a.ii.39 Pv-a.61 (bahi); Cnd under nissita Cnd.107 (free, unobstructed)

pp. of nis + kamati, see nikkhamati