adjective past participle

measured out, planned, laid out; created (by supernatural power iddhi); measured, stately DN.i.18, DN.i.56 (iddhiyā pi DN-a.i.167), DN.i.219 (Su˚ devaputta. Np.), ibid. (Paranimmitavasavattī devā a class of devas, lit. “created by others, but also possessed of great power: Vv-a.79, Vv-a.80); also one of the 5, or the 3 spheres (kāmûpapattiyo) in the kāmaloka, viz. paccupaṭṭhita-kāmā, nimmānarati˚ (or nimmita˚), paranimmita˚. Iti.94; Dhs.1280 (cp. kāma) DN.iii.218; Ja.i.59, Ja.i.146 (kāyo n’ eva deva˚ na brahma˚), Ja.i.232, Cnd.202#a, also under pucchā; Pv.ii.1#19 (su˚, well constructed i.e. symmetrical); Vism.228 (Mārena nimmitaṃ Buddharūpaṃ); Vv-a.36 (= mitaṃ gacchati vāraṇo), Vv-a.79 Thag-a.69, Thag-a.70; Mil.1, Mil.242. See also abhinimmita.

pp. of nimmināti