at Ja.iii.120 is an old misreading & is to be corrected into; nipatāmase (= let us gather, bring together = dedicate), unless it be read as nipphadāmase (= do, set forth, prepare, give), in spite of Com. expln p. 121: nikārapakārā (= nipaccakārā?) upasaggā (upasajja?) dāmase () ti attho; endorsed by Müller, P.G. p. 97 & Kern,


p.175. It cannot be ni + pa dāmase, since ni is never used as secondary (modifying verb-component (see ni˚ A 2), & Bdhgh’s expln is popular etym. Cp. nipatāmase at Ja.iv.361 (see nipatati).