stopping, dwelling, resting-place, abode; living, sheltering Ja.i.115 (˚ṃ kappeti to put up), Ja.ii.110; Pv-a.76, Pv-a.78. Usually in phrase pubbe-nivāsaṃ anussarati “to remember one’s former abode or place of existence (in a former life),” characterising the faculty of remembering one’s former birth DN.i.13, DN.i.15, DN.i.16 DN.i.81; SN.i.167, SN.i.175, SN.i.196; SN.ii.122, SN.ii.213; SN.v.265, SN.v.305; AN.i.25 AN.i.164; AN.ii.183; AN.iii.323, AN.iii.418 sq.; AN.iv.141 sq.; AN.v.211, AN.v.339 Also in pubbenivāsaṃ vedi Iti.100; Snp.647 = Dhp.423 p-n-paṭisaṃyuttā dhammikathā DN.ii.1; p-n-anussatiñāṇa DN.iii.110, DN.iii.220, DN.iii.275; AN.iv.177. Cp. nevāsika.

fr. nivasati2