adjective restrained, bound to, constrained to, sure (as to the future), fixed (in its consequences), certain, assured, necessary DN.ii.92 (sambodhiparāyanā), DN.ii.155; DN.iii.107; Snp.70 (= ariyamaggena niyāmappatta Snp-a.124, cp. Cnd.357); Dhp.142 (= catumagga niyamena n. Dhp-a.iii.83); Ja.i.44 (bodhiyā); Pp.13, Pp.16 Pp.63; Kv.609 sq.; Dhs.1028 sq. (micchatta˚ etc.; cp Dhs. trsl. 266, 267), Dhs.1414, Dhs.1595; Vb.17, Vb.24, Vb.63, Vb.319 Vb.324; Mil.193; Tikp.168 (˚micchādiṭṭhi); Dhp-a.iii.170; Pv-a.211. Discussed in Pts. of Contr. (see Index). aniyata see separately.

pp. of ni + yam