feminine basis, foundation, familiarity with Snp.864 (expl Snp-a.551 by samiddhi, but see Mnd.263).

Sk. niṣṭhā; ni + ṭhā, abstr. of adj
■ suff. ˚ṭha


feminine end, conclusion; perfection, height, summit; object aim Vin.i.255; SN.ii.186; AN.i.279 (object); Pts.i.161 niṭṭhaṃ gacchati to come to an end; fig. to reach perfection be completed in the faith MN.i.176; Ja.i.201; Mil.310; freq. in pp. niṭṭhaṃ gata (niṭṭhangata) one who has attained perfection (= pabbajitānaṃ arahattaṃ patta) Dhp-a.iv.70; SN.iii.99 (a˚); AN.ii.175; AN.iii.450 AN.v.119 sq.; Dhp.351; Pts.i.81, Pts.i.161.

Vedic niṣṭhā (niḥṣṭhā), nis + ṭhā from ˚ṭha